As an author, you must be clear about your writing purpose. Every written piece has a reason behind it. Your purpose for writing will have a great impact on what you’re writing. Before you set out to write, be convinced right within you about the message.

When the conviction is there, confidence will arise and you will find yourself amassing ideas and points that will keep your readers glued to your writings and in turn, impact them massively. This is why it’s important for you to be clear about your intent for writing.

Here are some of the very important reasons why authors write:


In this form of writings, the authors are gravitated towards convincing you to take a quick step. This is called CTA, Call To Action. The main reason and focus here are to urge you, in a convincing way about a product, information package, or some form of intellectual reserve. In pieces like this, the author wants to persuade you to take any action or do something in a certain way.



The author wants to provide you with specific information. This form of writing could be term an educative one because the end goal is to pass across the knowledge. In pieces like this, the author will provide you with facts about a specific topic. For this form of writing, the writer is convinced from the start that his/her intention is to pass across a piece of important information and educate the public about a particular cause.

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For this aspect, some authors set out from the initial standpoint of creating fun and humor through writing. The author is focused on painting hilarious pictures in scenes with letters, entertaining the readers, and creating an amusing literary ambiance. The author wants his/her writing to be entertaining. They want to keep you interested in their piece.

What’s your writing purpose as a writer or an author? Answer in the comment below.

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