How to Create Your AudioBooks on TEBEBA Books – 4 Things Every Beginner Should Know

How to Create Your Audiobooks on TEBEBA Books

“I was able to use an alternative which saved me some time, but I hated that it didn’t waste my time at all,” said no one, ever! And so, I don’t think anyone would wilfully shrug off the advantages of using a (better) option to reading a book in their hands. Many would consider listening to you read a book to them than a deliberate effort to (sit and) read the book themselves. This is because, besides the fun of listening to someone read to you, I think it saves plenty time as you can plug your ears and listen on-the-go.

However, I couldn’t agree more with Mathew Rubery – the author of The Untold Story of the Talking Book – who also said, “Audiobooks are for people who hate reading and for those of us who love reading.” So, whether you hate reading or love it, chances are that you will find audiobooks very useful.

Where It All Began

Beyond the first spoken word phonograph in 1878 by Thomas Edison, audiobooks have kicked-off from being a nice-to-have, and it is gradually becoming a must-have in our world today. Over time, publishers have strongly leveraged the technology that came with book publishing.

First Phonograph by Thomas Edison, 1877

Already, audio format contents are fast rising with the digital age, and in 2020, Deloitte predicted that the next time you are with a good book, you might just reach out for your headphones rather than an e-reader. Precisely, it foresaw that the global audiobook market will grow by 25% to $3.5bn.

By now, you are probably wondering – somewhere in the corner of where you are – thinking of how you would love to listen to a good audiobook, or of how you can’t wait to create one. Whichever is your desire; I have brought to you a way to realise it.

Here Is It

Don’t be surprised that TEBEBA Books has this exciting offer to help you create your audiobooks. Yes, we do have it, and it is very simple to actualise. So, if you are just starting out in creating an audiobook, follow closely the things I will share as your guide.

Basically, there are two ways to make this happen. First, you may publish directly if you already have the audio format of your book. The other way to make this happen (if you don’t have an audio format of your book) is to reach out to us to help you convert your book into an audio format, which would be possible on agreed terms and timelines.

So, How Do You Begin?
#1: Create an Audio Format

Having said the two ways to make this happen, you may likely still need to clarify some things. Creating an audio format of your book is serious business and should not be taken ever so lightly. Because of this, you may reach out to us to help create an audio format of your book by sending us a message here, stating the details of the work.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a book at all but you have a story or message to share, you can also reach out to us in the same manner. We would see you through the process of writing, publishing and converting it to an audio format, and take the stress of you. Again, here is where to reach out. Please, note that discounts apply on agreed terms.

#2: Create an Account

Registration is as important as you becoming an author on TEBEBA Books. Obviously, if don’t have an account, you will not be able to publish your books. Once you have reached out to us to create an audio format of your book, here is the next thing to do. Register here. And if you already have, you only need to log in.

#3: Upload your Audio File and Populate the Required Fields

Now that you have your audio file and you have logged in, go ahead to upload your file and populate the required fields. Also, remember to upload the image of your file, and don’t also forget to set your price, if it’s not a free audiobook.

#4: Publish

This is the last stage to publishing your audiobook on TEBEBA Books. I know, it’s been a simple and easy process, isn’t it? So, here, you are to click on “create”, and enable your audiobook to let your audience see it.

These four things are what you should know if you aim to publish on TEBEBA Books. Yes – just four things, and you are an author. Beyond all of these, you don’t also have to worry about your cover design (if you don’t already have one), mockup flyers and online marketing and promotion. Our publishing offers cover these at affordable costs.

Are you ready to let us in on your audiobook publishing journey? Let us know here; we have been waiting for you! Or, are you aspiring to be an author someday? We have exciting offers here for you as well.

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